Diva Donations was started by a mother , 4 daughters and 15 dresses. DIVA Donations is a labor of love and run completely by a wonderful team of volunteer Fairy Godmothers. We are dedicated to providing a Cinderella experience to those in need. Every girl deserves to have that one night to feel magical. No girl should ever have to miss the dance again because she has nothing to wear — and that is where we step in .

The areas first formal clothing closet run on #kinddeedcurrency.

Our DIVAS can obtain use of dress shoes and jewelry and gift certificates from our various Fairy Godmother business supporters. Our DIVAS use #KindDeedCurrency. Young women can donate two or more hours to a 501c3 charity in exchange for one of our dresses and accessories. It will be the responsibility of the young woman to obtain proof of service hours.

DIVA Donations mission is to

1.Relieve the financial stress on families when a dance/ special event occurs.

2.Encourage young women in our community to pay it forward by using our #KindDeedCurrency Program.

3. Empower young women to realize that they can make a difference in their live’s and someone else’s.

4.Inspire beauty inside and out.