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now accepting

kind deed currency.

Young girls can rent their formal gown, shoes and jewelry in exchange for donating two or more volunteer hours to a 501c3 charity in her local community.



Diva Donations is open by appointment only. Schedule your Cinderella moment by clicking the button below!


Our Mission

1. Alleviate the financial stress placed on families during the dance season.

2. Empower young women to realize that they can help them save themselves and someone else.

3. Encourage giving back to their community.

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Our Impact

Diva Donations is Mahoning County’s first formal clothing closet run on Kind Deed currency. Girl’s can obtain the use of a dress and accessories in exchange for donating two or more service hours at a local 501c3 charity. Our Diva’s will place a small deposit on a gown and receive nearly all of that back when the gown is returned. Girls can receive a FULL refund when participating in the kind deed program. All gowns and accessories are returned so that other young women can use them again. Gowns are available in sizes 00-28.



gowns available

Diva Donations started with 15 dresses in a young girl’s closet and a divinely inspired idea. Today, Diva Donations has over 1,000 gowns for DIVAs to choose from.



women SERVED

Diva Donations serves nearly 2,000 women in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.




We are a 5013c charity and formal clothing closet that provides formal wear and accessories to girls in the community.


Our Partners

We team with local vendors in the tri-county area who offer special services at a DIVA rate. These vendors include hair stylists, manicurists, photographers, florists, and more! Thank you to ALL our special vendors and to all those who have made donations to our organizations.

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Get Involved

Diva Donations functions thanks to the amazing “Fairy Godmothers” who donate their time for scheduled appointments, cleaning and laundering, event support and other needs.


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Need a dress for an upcoming event? Schedule your appointment today and let our Fairy Godmothers help.

Volunteer opportunities

Become a Fairy Godmother today and help create the Cinderella moment for girls searching for the perfect gown!

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Donate a monetary gift to help keep the Diva Donations mission alive. We appreciate anything you can give.